Support Area Businesses By: Embedding/Bundling Groceries, Attending Tastings, Testing New Products, Buying Samplers/Sets & Shopping.



Main Street Indy Shops & Highway Chain Stores Modernize Retail !

Indies & Chains Unite To Taste/Embed/Bundle Groceries, Appraise New Products & Compare Similar Ones.

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New Revenue
EatOffs Tryouts
TestBites Samplers
New Product Showcases
Themed Sets
Reserved Rewards
Co-op Promotion
Membership Levels

Coming in 2017

Home Businesses

New Revenue


Tastecoin Provides Events, Products & Services To Get New Customers Into The Doors Of Participating Businesses.

All businesses split the profits from their registered customers buying drop shipped goods from 5000 vendors.

Businesses that bundle or embed groceries for customer in-store pick up or home deliveries, split the profits.

Businesses that host food, drink & snacks tastings or new product showcases earn half of their event sales profits.

Businesses that host ThemedSets, Closeouts, 60's Shirts or Picture Book Paths split profits from all related sales.

Businesses split the profits from selling TestBites Themed Set Samplers & earn future dividends from subscriptions.

Businesses always keep 100% of any sales from products already in the store, that were not supplied by Tastecoin.


Consumers earn Tastecoins for tasting, testing, comparing, posting, reviewing, embedding, updating and shopping.

After tasting, testing or comparing consumers earn real commissions if manuacturers purchase their testimonials.

Consumers earn discounts for their embedded items placed in local stores, when items prove to be great sellers.

EatOffs Taste Testing Tryouts

EatOffs are themed food events that test & sell similar groceries in various restaurants, grocers & businesses.

EatOffs tests & compares similar candies, condiments, snacks, beverages & foods from different manufacturers.

Spontanious consumer sales are satisfied by micro marts filled with most products being tested at various EatOffs.

Tastecoin tests similar grocery products, allowing potential customers to find their favorite foods, drinks & snacks.

Tastecoin's Instant Gratification bundles customers groceries to be delivered or picked up from local businesses.

Instant Gratification will even embed some of our customers grocery requests onto the shelves of local stores.

EatOffs launches in towns around Sparta, NJ, testing chocolate bars, gummies, mustards, pretzels, & root beers.


EatOffs is currently being built at

TestBites Themed Set Samplers

TestBites are take home versions of EatOffs, examining how products stack up against similar items.

Consumers buy TestBites to discover their favorite brands of snacks, drinks, candies, condiments & foods.

Sampling helps investigate similar themed products at any time, in any place, to share with whoever they want.

TestBites competitive consumer food testing embraces both classic and new products from food manufacturers.

New TestBites are constantly launched by Tastecoin that feature bunched together similar product samples.

Different grouped varieties of mini chocolate bars & gummies will be featured as the 1st & 2nd TestBites.


TestBites is currently being built at

New Product Showcases

Tastecoin helps fashion, book, gift, party, toy, food, drink & snack manufacturers consumer test new products.

Beyond attending tastings & buying packaged foods & samplers, consumers can visit our new product showcases.

Businesses showcase new books, fashion, foods, gifts & toys while promoting tastings & other pavilion attractions.

Showcases are rotated thruout various towns, hosted by local businesses like book, clothing, food, gift & toy stores.


New Product Showcases will be featured on

Themed Sets

ThemedSets tests similar themed products grouped together from different manufacturers.

Consumers test and review different sets of products to determine their favorite company for each themed category.

Some product testing could last up to a year, with quarterly rewards for all consumer data provided to Tastecoin.

Consumers choose a favorite manufacturer from the competing companies to earn discounts on future purchases.

All future purchases from the companies you determine "favorites" are discounted when ordered through Tastecoin.

Themed Picture Books & Socks are our first sets.

Edible samplers - chocolates (Milk, Dark, Extra Dark, Almonds, Caramel, Hazelnuts, Mint & Spicy) and gummies.

For Food Products Try

Upcoming sets & edible samplers will compare similar almond butters, art, arts & crafts, baby gear, bags, baked goods, bangles, boxes, braclets, brownies, candles, candies, charms, collectables, cookies, cosmetics, drinks, eyemasks, fair trade goods, hats, holiday items, hot sauces, jams, jerkies, journals, kale chips, key chains, kids items, leggings, nuts, oils, ornaments, pet items, party supplies, pins, preserves, purses, salsas, sauces, scarves, scents, snacks, soaps, speads, stationary, stickers, sweeteners, t-shirts, teas, tins, toys, underwear & much more food & gift products.


ThemedSets is currently being built at


This November, shops start in-store customer pick-ups of packaged foods, drinks, candies, condiments & snacks.

Businesses split profits by arranging in-store pick ups or delivering our groceries bundled with their services.

Bundling deliveries can bring many new customers to drug stores, dry cleaners, flower shops & food businesses.

Northwest Jersey customers use bundlers for access, but Tastecoin can ship most products throughout America.

Email Tastecoin to uncover North Jersey businesses that bundle their services with our groceries & other products.

Limited fall bundling will be available in the Sparta area, using a few of the 12 - 15 distributors coming in 2017.


Bundlers will be featured on


Customer can embed packaged foods, drinks, candies, condiments & snacks onto the shelfs of local businesses.

After taste testing or searching our distributors we will find a local business to stock your requested products.

If any Embedded item sells well to our other consumers, discounts will occur for the consumer who placed it.

Embedding drives customers to talk up products to their friends, unleashing community multi level marketing.

Local restaurants, caterers and other food shops can embed fresh soups, salads & slaws into local businesses.

Embedded Products will be featured on



DirectVendors & Clothing Machine rotate Tastecoin's 5,000 revolving drop ship companies.

Consumers purchasing from DirectVendors, Clothing Machine or TestBites get a 10% Tastecoin rebate.

Out of area consumers purchasing ThemedSets or from Instant Gratification can also get 10% Tastecoin rebates.

This 10% reusable rebate from our shipped online purchases is first used to credit the shipping of items bought.

If consumers cost was $50, $5 is applied to shipping, if the cost was $95, $9.50 will be used to credit the shipping.

As well as cushioning the shipping, Tastecoin's reusable rebate buys consumers collectibles, closeouts & tipping.

Consumers that track their packages on, and get random special offers.


Direct Vendors is currently being built at
Clothing Machine is currently being built at


Members split the profits when their customers buy any products from our 5,000 manufacturers that drop ship.

Businesses split profits selling TestBites in-store, selling TestBites subscriptions will bring bonus future dividends.

When business members shop personally, Tastecoin provides a discount absorbing members earned split profits.


Direct Vendors is currently being built at
Clothing Machine is currently being built at

Reserved Rewards

Besides testimonial & data rewards, consumers earn 10% in Tastecoins shopping from 5,000 online manufacturers.

Consumers use Tastecoins for shipping discounts, then for tipping & are reused again to snag reserved rewards.

Consumers Tastecoin's buys a wide variety of collectible goodies, old memorabilia, local glut & closeouts.

Consumers reserve offered reward items while tracking incoming orders or discovering items on our rewards pages.


Rewards can currently be found at

Co-op Promotion

Tastecoin organizes co-op ads for local newspaper circulars, direct mail & food blogs.

The direct mail & food blogs ads inform consumers about our top events, website & upcoming newspaper circulars.

The circulars highlight many of the products being compared, tested, rated & showcased around the Sparta area.

These circulars also include coupons for closeouts, 60's Shirts & ThemedSets featured at various local businesses.

Local businesses that are part of our direct mail co-op can be included in our closeout coupon promotion.


To start, manufacturers send in requested products or any new product to be added to our showcase pool.

Local businesses select manufacturers goods from Tastecoin's product pool to test, rate, compare or showcase.

7 products are chosen by each local business from all the similar samples gathered from various manufacturers.

Manufacturers that are selected by participating businesses are invited to promote in our co-op circulars

Manufacturers that wish to sponsor circulars & direct mail can contact Norman Scherer at 917 822-1870.


Hosts co-op direct mail to enlarge consumer turnout & promote their showcased slice of the attraction.

USPS DS helps hosts promote EatOffs & other attractions by facilitating postals "Every Door Direct Mail" program.

Direct mail will be directed towards sought after neighborhoods by targeting different local USPS carrier routes.

A co-op of hosts and local sponsors, split the .17 cent / door fee for each "Every Door Direct Mail" campaign.

All willing hosts & sponsors split up a co-op direct mail campaign for almost 5,000 targeted Sparta homes.

Attraction hosts that want to advertise can decide on promoting in Sparta only or adding surrounding carrier routes.

Sparta Area Businesses/Sponsors That Want To Co-op Direct Mail Can Contact Norman Scherer at 917 822-1870.


Co-op Promotions are currently being featured on

USPS DS is currently being built at


To promote our local attractions, Tastecoin supplies apparel, book, food, gift, party & toy stores with new products.

Tastecoin's launch supplies shops with foods, drinks, snacks, closeouts & sets of books, socks & chocolates.

Participating stores display signage promoting the dates, locations and sponsors of top local attractions & events.

Tastecoin monetizes & gives direct mail & promo access to bloggers, press & content providers that work with us.

Tastecoin provides data & stories about multiple markets to thousands of content providers that we link to.

Bloggers Split Profits By Covering Our Drop Shippers, Bundlers, EatOffs, TestBites, Embedders, Showcases or Sets.


These content directories are featured on

Publicity information is being featured on


Tastecoin's links are a directory of content providers by genre ( food, bitcoin, apparel, book, gift, party & toy ).

Readers support favorite bloggers, press & other content sources through shopping & tipping.

Bloggers that cover any of Tastecoin's 5,000 drop ship partners can split the profits of their readers sales.

Besides tipping & shopping, Tastecoin also monetizes bloggers by suppling co-op ads promoting local happenings.

Food bloggers are also invited to judge EatOffs, review TestBites samplers, and to self promote in direct mailings.

Food bloggers get direct exposure to local foodies by enjoying royalty status judging local EatOffs.

Apparel, book, food, gift, party and toy bloggers qualify for co-op ads related to new products showcased in stores.

Tastecoin buying or selling group members are free to link directly to any of our content databases.


These content directories are featured on


Tastecoin is a data company that collects, rewards & sells ratings, gradings, testimonials & social media blasts.

Find what products cut the mustard, using Tastecoin's new testing forum for groceries, themed sets & new wares.

Testing a wide range of products, provides Tastecoin with fact based data & insights on multiple marketplaces.


Data will be featured on

Coming in 2017


Resolve Businesses Biggest Problem - Glut !

In 2017, X Glut will create an untapped global resource based on overbought inventory.

Retail members will use old, excess or other unwanted inventory (glut) to be part of Tastecoins circular coupons.

Coupons can be used to sell overbought new apparel, books, decor, foods, gifts, toys & other unused products.

Every business has glut, overbought products that can't seem to be sold off, even with heavy discounting.

When regular currency seems to fail, retailers and businesses can price their own glut using Tastecoin's coupons.

Businesses that price any of their excess inventory (glut) for our coupons have joined the Tastecoin Buying Group.

Discounting businesses glut using Tastecoin's circulars and coupons gets consumers into participating stores.

Like arcade prizes, people will accept crap when they are holding the right amount of ski ball coupons.

Turn shelf clutter into freedom with benefits. This hidden market will materialize in 2017.


X Glut is currently being built at

Quarterly Micro-Tipping

Tastecoin makes math cool again by using Bitcoin's micro payment capabilities to enable peer to peer rewards.

Consumers get tipped for testimonials & social media posts after attending local attractions or shopping online.

In 2017, consumer Tastecoin accounts may include a sliding % that will be used quarterly for Bitcoin based tipping.

(Credited 1% in Bitcoin when holding up to 1 Tastecoin, 2% BTC - 1-10 TC, 3% BTC - 10-100 TC, 4% BTC - 100-500 TC, 5% BTC - over 500 TC).

Consumers tip workers, shippers, content providers & charities using Tastecoin's Bitcoin based tipping.

Tipping could create small town societies where some food, fun, art & education is free & financed only through tips.

The tipster, will be a micro-tipping citizen of the world who can mostly eat, live & survive on tipping.

One day Tipsters will earn tips from learning, shopping, working, testing, performing, posting, creating & socializing.


TipWee is currently being built at

Home Businesses

DirectVendors, Clothing Machine, EatOffs, TestsNew, TestBites & ThemedSets will use home businesses in 2017.

The ease of finding products to sell from 5,000 drop shipping manufacturers, will sprout diverse home businesses.

These home businesses will drive and expand Tastecoin nationally, mining franchises in any of the 50 states.

Home businesses sell Apparel, Books, Decor, Food, Gifts, Toys, Samplers, Sets & More (Bags/Jewelry/Scarves).

Home businesses split profits from sales from DirectVendors, Clothing Machine, ThemedSets, EatOffs & TestBites.

Selling to relatives, friends, neighbors, and schoolmates will jump start most home businesses.

Home businesses are sponsored by Tastecoin members that receive 5% of the split profits on all sales.

Home businesses using Sabor's POS terminals or apps will receive bonuses for using Sabor's equipment.


Tastecoin is fueled by:

drop ship inventories, bundled/embedded groceries, closeouts, new products, sets, glut, tipping & collectibles.

Integrating advertising, bundling, discounting, dividends & rewards into in-store events, online sales & social media.

Restaurants, retailers, caterers, bloggers & other business members split the profits as their customers shop.

FAQ Topics of Interest

Information to Help Your Interaction with Tastecoin

Joining Tastecoin Questions

What Hidden Fees are There to Join Tastecoin?
Is Clothing Machine Just for Apparel?
How Does the Shopping Function Work?
Can't I Get the Same Stuff on Amazon & eBay?
How Does Drop Shipping Work When I'm Looking for Cool Party Giveaways?
How Many Weeks in Advance Do Consumers Need to Order for a Party or Event?
How Does the Tastecoin Concierge Service Work?

Selling Group Questions

How is Tastecoin a Marketing Tool for the Food Industry?
How Do Manufacturers Generate Consumer Testimonials and Social Media?
What Other Advertising Opportunities are Available to Manufacturers?
How Does Tastecoin Connect Manufacturers and Distributors to Food Bloggers?
How Do Manufacturers/Distributors Connect to Consumers that Buy Direct?
What NJ Towns Will be Included in the First EatOffs?

Buying Group Questions

Why Should My Business Use a Buying Group?
How Does Restaurant/Retailer Hosts Earn Money?
How Do Restaurants/Retailers Get Manufacturers Discounts?
Can Restaurants/Food Stores Customize EatOffs from a Pool of Sponsors?

Can My Customers Buy Direct from Tastecoin?
What Happens When Consumers Call Tastecoin Directly?
How Do Tastecoin Buying Group Members Generate Local Interest to Tastecoin?
Our Local Press Wants More Information About Tastecoin, Who Can They Talk To?

Spending Tastecoins & Money Questions

What Closeout Merchandise Can Consumers Buy Using Tastecoins?
What Collectible Merchandise Can Consumers Buy Using Tastecoins?
What Else Do Consumers Spend Their Tastecoins On?
What Do Manufacturers & Distributors Spend Money On?
What Do Businesses Spend Their Money On?
What Do Content Providers Spend Their Money On?
Why Do You Have Such Cool Weird Collectibles?

Shipping Questions

How Does My Package Get Shipped?
If I Order Items from Two Different Manufacturers Do I Pay Shipping Fees Twice?
Besides the Shipping Fee, Why is their an Extra Fee for Drop Shipping?
How Do Drop Shipping Companies Figure What Drop Ship Fee to Charge?
How Does Tastecoin Safely Record my Credit Card Number and Street Address?
Is All Drop Shipping Confined to the United States?

Content Questions

Why Does Tastecoin Include Editorial Content?
Why Can't I Just Use Google to Search for Content Providers I Want to Browse?
Why Are All of Tastecoins Editorial Not Up to Date?

More Questions

Why Do People Go to Restaurants?
What Criteria is Used for Tastings & Testings?
Who is Norman Scherer?
How Can I Add Questions?

Joining Tastecoin

What Hidden Fees are There to Join Tastecoin?

Like most cyber currencies experiences, Tastecoin does NOT thrive on fees.

There are NO fees to join Tastecoin, not for manufacturers, distributors, businesses, bloggers, home businesses or consumers.

No membership fees, no sign up fees, no entry fees, no monthly fees, no annual fees, no transaction fees, no reward redemption fees,

no service fees, no sales materials fees, no supplies fees, no website creation fees, no hosting fees, no maintenance fees, no management fees,

no assistance fees, no licensing fees, no report fees, no training fees, no reactivation fees, no access fees, no upgrades fees, no cramming fees,

no checking fees, no duplicate statement fees, no archive statement fees, no documentation fees & no access fees for your customers.

Tastecoin is transparent and doesn't work with hidden plans or hidden charges.

Besides revenue from advertising (yes please), Tastecoin profits from buying wholesale and selling retail like most businesses.

Tastecoin profits from dropped shipped sales, home delivered, picked up & shipped food sales, themedset sales & TestBites sales/subscriptions.

Tastecoin splits all related product sales profits with each of our local business hosts.

Testing data is sold to brands, distributors, content providers and bits of it are traded for press, testing product & discounts for our buying group.

Is ClothingMachine Just for Apparel?

Clothing Machine will be used to find clothing for all ages, it's a main division of DirectVendors.

DirectVendors sells accessories, aprons, bags, bath items, beauty products, bedding, belts, beverages, books, decor, food, furniture, gifts, glasses,

gloves, hair accessories, hats, jewelry, kitchen items, leggings, outerwear, party items, pet stuff, scarves, shoes, sleepwear, snacks, socks, stationary,

swim gear, towels, toys, umbrellas, underwear, wallets, watches & more.

In 2017, customers will shop for apparel from Clothing Machine by selecting Gender, Size, Color, Fabric, Pattern, Style and Theme.

How Does the Shopping Function Work?

Tastecoin lets users support local business, restaurants & bloggers by browsing and shopping online from over 5,000 manufacturers.

Member businesses & bloggers split profits from their customers orders, as consumers are tipped a 10% rebate in Tastecoins.

Customers can not order from Tastecoin related companies without crediting the business or blogger that invited them into the fold.

Members accounts are set on auto pilot to split profits automatically.

Can't I Get the Same Stuff on Amazon & eBay?

Tastecoin features over 5,000 companies, most of them will drop ship every product they manufacture.

Customers can browse over 5,000 different web sites instead of looking at page after page of similar typefaces.

Pirated merchandise can show up on Amazon and eBay (especially bags and watches).

Since all goods on DirectVendors sites are shipped direct to the customer from the manufacturer, all products are original, not counterfeit.

But most of all your supporting your local community and helping small retailers, independent restaurants, caterers and content providers grow.

How Does Drop Shipping Work When I'm Looking for Cool Party Giveaways?

DirectVendors specializes in a wide range of unusual party gifts that your guests will love.

Choose from hundreds of thousands of goody bag stuffers from thousands of manufacturers who have agreed to supply your needs.

Tastecoin coordinates the approximate number of guests, the date of the party/event, and arranges the shipping to you directly.

Use DirectVendors to find cool products for events, birthdays, graduations, holidays, weddings, divorces and other happy occasions and parties.

How Many Weeks in Advance Do Consumers Need to Order for a Party or Event

Depends on what you need, some manufacturers can work fast others may need a few weeks.

Email here to start the process

How Does the Tastecoin Concierge Service Work?

At launch, Direct Vendors & Clothing Machine are both product concierge services.

Customers can order in one place from over 5,000 manufacturers, and earn Tastecoins.

Our personal shopper service introduces shoppers to many amazing companies that will ship direct. 

Customers search under Eat, Drink, Play, Wear, Learn, Enjoy, Smile, Relax, Party themes and email Tastecoin any products or categories desired.

Tastecoin will then email you back with more sites that will help us discover what direction the next sets of sites should take.

Customers keep looking over online products from supplied websites and email us what they like.

DirectVendors & Clothing Machine fine tunes the sites sent to customers as emails are exchanged.

Customers 1st order with Tastecoin is activated after setting up the sponsored rebate account by email & billing data from our direct phone call.

Follow up emails confirm the order details, shipping method, tracking information and Tastecoin account balance.

To start just email Tastecoin your phone number & interests by clicking here or emailing

Selling Group

How is Tastecoin a Marketing Tool for the Food Industry?

Tastecoin connects small manufacturers to distributors, retail businesses, restaurants, caterers, vending accounts & brands with fat wallets.

Tastecoin can open new accounts with casual to upscale restaurants, caterers, bars, bakeries, cafes, food trucks, grocers & more.

Participating restaurants, food retailers & related businesses select their favorite similar products to create unique EatOffs & attractions.

Retailers testing new products & other scheduled attractions help to promote EatOffs in their towns, expanding event & brand awareness.

EatOffs expands sales by improving working relationships between manufacturers, distributors, restaurants, retail food accounts & consumers.

How Do Manufacturers Generate Consumer Testimonials and Social Media?

Tastecoin's EatOffs and new product testings are hosted by restaurants, retailers, hotels, offices & other local businesses.

Brands can tip members & consumers after hosting or participating in taste testing, new product testing, or other attractions.

Manufacturers can tip consumers up to .01 Tastecoins for testimonials ( doubled up to .02 Tastecoins if posted on social media ).

Consumers posting testimonials on social media and blogs can help jump start consumer awareness of new products, and small emerging brands.

Manufacturers or other wholesalers can also tip or discount Tastecoin Buying Group members after hosting EatOffs.

What Advertising Opportunities are Available to Manufacturers?

Circulars in up to 3 local newspapers will highlight many events, showcases and products being tested by Tastecoin.

The local newspapers around the Sparta area being considered are NJ Herald, Sparta Independent & AIM Jefferson.

Manufacturers co-op these circular ads after their products are selected by local businesses to feature, showcase & test.

Credit cards, company checks or bank transfers can be used to co-op circulars or direct mail that promotes their products.

In 2017, Tastecoin will organize co-op advertising with local bloggers, and create other local advertising/marketing options.

Upcoming Tastecoin advertising deals include placemat tasting menus, score cards, questionnaires, tickets, plates, cups & signage.

How Does Tastecoin Connect Manufacturers and Distributors to Food Bloggers?

Linking product stories of any of Tastecoin's drop shippers opens bloggers to split profits from sales (plus tips) from registered customers.

Food bloggers also attend, review and publicize EatOffs and can sample & review various TestBites.

Tastecoin unites local press & food bloggers with the PR departments of each participating manufacturer before each scheduled tryout.

Using TipWee, manufacturers, hosts and organizers can compensate bloggers time and ink through tipping and providing product discounts.

Tastecoin helps bloggers gain manufacturers wholesale discounts (even for personal shopping) and will get them access to glut in 2017.

How Do Manufacturers/Distributors Connect to Consumers that Buy Direct?

Manufacturers can reward consumers in Tastecoins by prompting them to buy directly through Tastecoin.

Our website and shopping valets line up consumers to buy direct from manufacturers that drop ship, rebating them 10% in Tastecoins.

Tastecoin aids manufacturers that don't drop ship by using distributor product for consumers to pick up or have delivered from bundlers.

EatOffs entices consumers to taste test products by comparing them (and their prices) to similar artisan products on the market.

Consumer subscriptions are also created around TestBites, using smaller mixes of comparable artisan products.

If these artisan products test well, their brands can get interest from the distributors, retailers & vending companies we sell data to.

If these brands or artisan products can offer drop shipped direct sales to consumers, Tastecoin can help sell it through DirectVendors.

If these brands or artisan products test well and do not offer direct sales to consumers then our bundlers may help fill that niche.

Sales of TestBites will be available at most EatOffs, by subscription, by home delivery and at some members stores & restaurants.

EatOffs open consumer relationships to brands that reward consumers with micro amounts of Tastecoins for social media plugs.

EatOffs especially helps manufacturers that can drop ship direct to consumers, or provide larger amounts to parties and events.

What NJ Towns Will Be Included in the First EatOffs?

Sparta, Montville, Chester, Mendham, Morristown, Madison, and dozens of bordering towns are planned for EatOffs in 2016 & 2017.

Established hosts constantly launch new EatOffs, that are promoted & replicated by various hosts in surrounding towns.

By attending regular EatOffs, residents continually explore tasting competitions and new product showcases, while collecting Tastecoins.

Buying Group

Why Should My Business Use a Buying Group?

Smaller businesses need a way to buy from manufacturers that have large minimum order requirements and do not drop ship.

Tastecoin will help members buy together: for better rates, for more focused buying strategies, and to get around minimum order requirements. 

Independent stores linked together can start to even the pricing, exclusivity, pop and the informational playing fields that chains receive.

Organizing group buying from large manufacturers that prefer working and making exclusives with chains & big box stores is our big objective.

Tastecoin Buying Group members can boost their Indy stores look using Tastecoins display window and manikin program.

In 2017, Tastecoin's display window and manikin program will help retailers try or buy one piece (for display or sale) at a time.

How Does Restaurant/Retailer Hosts Earn Money?

Hosts splits all product sales profits with Tastecoin.

Members split profits of sales from new and old customers using our drop shipping or our bundling/shipping services.

Hosts can get discounted products or be tipped by manufacturers after EatOffs.

Ad revenue from EatOffs event posters and other discounted on site advertising opportunities are split with hosts.

How Do Restaurants/Retailers Get Manufacturers Discounts?

Manufacturers / distributors decide on their own % discount to entice Tastecoin members.

Subsidized discounts from the selling group of food manufacturers and distributors are paid for by Tastecoin Buying Group members.

Members wholesale costs are discounted and can be paid for by credit cards, money orders, company checks or in US dollars.

Tastecoin places the total combined order & pays the distributor or manufacturer for the product to be shipped direct.

Can Restaurants/Food Stores Customize EatOffs from a Pool of Sponsors?

In late 2016, chefs can create EatOffs for their restaurant and locally connected food retailers using sponsored products as ingredients.

rewards may be reduced if using combined products, if two - rewards can be halved, if using three or more - rewards can be cut by 2/3rds.

Full Tastecoin rewards should stand if separate finished products are created from sponsored products/ingredients.

In late2016, food retailers will be able to create EatOffs from their own chefs or can be included in EatOffs organized by local restaurants or caterers.

Retailers can arrange to sell the newest TestBites to coincide with scheduled EatOffs and promote them together.

Can My Customers Buy Direct from Tastecoin?

Your customers can’t order drop shipped or home delivered items directly from Tastecoin without crediting you, its our #1 policy.

Customer sales split profits & 5% from your sponsored home business sales are always credited to your account through your affiliate program. 

Customers can opt out feeding your affiliate program, but must choose another member to continue buying through Tastecoin.

What Happens When Consumers Call Tastecoin Directly?

We can not help customers that call for drop shipping or home deliveries directly without being referred by a retail member.

This is unheard of from most capitalists, but Tastecoin Buying Group members always come first.

Tastecoin will take that customers name, town, state, phone number & email and then will try to find a local retailer to work with that customer.

How Do Tastecoin Buying Group Members Generate Local Interest to Tastecoin?

buying group members can:


social media

hand out fliers;

send out emails;

advertise locally;

hang up in-store signs;

add messages on receipts;

attend community events;

talk it up to your in-store customers;

contact local press (print, radio and online).

Our Local Press Wants More Information About Tastecoin, Who Can They Talk To?

Tastecoin would love to be contacted for any editorial questions by your local press.

Connect them to Norman Scherer creator of Tastecoin - - 917 822-1870

Spending Tastecoins

What Closeout Merchandise Can Consumers Buy Using Tastecoins?

1/5 of a Tastecoin (.20 TC) can be cashed in for any of these Elizabeth Gillet wraps.

What Collectible Merchandise Can Consumers Buy Using Tastecoins?

Collectibles include

Art, cards, comics, props, promos, rare music, rare videos, shirts, TV guides & more.

Extreme incentives may include one of Jean Michel Basquiat's first artworks or Jimi Hendrix's briefcase.

Other top rewards include rare videos (like Clockwork Orange Uncut); old TV guides;

Revenge of the Jedi Variety insert; golden age Superman comics; psychedelic rock cards and comix;

Natural people; old playbills; promos and hundreds of other odd, amazing, rare & collectible prizes.

What Else Do Consumers Spend Their Tastecoins On?

Tastecoins are used by consumers to pay for:

Shipping on any DirectVendors purchase.

Sole access to collectibles.

Access to closeouts.

Access to glut.

(collectibles are solely for consumers, no bloggers, home businesses, or any buying or selling group members Tastecoins accepted).

Consumer only bonus - tipping credits are available quarterly based on the % amount of the customers current Tastecoin holdings.

The customer service valet will use your acquired Tastecoins to help you save.

What Do Manufacturers & Distributors Spend Money On?

Manufacturers & distributors can pay for:

Data collected from EatOffs, TestBites, ThemedSets.

Rewarding/Tipping EatOffs consumers up to .01 Tastecoins for giving testimonials.

Rewarding/Tipping EatOffs consumers up to another .01 Tastecoins for posting the testimonials on social media.

Discounting or Tipping hosts after participating or sponsoring EatOffs in their locations.

Splitting direct mail & co-op ads in circulars & local participating blogs.

Advertising opportunities at EatOffs & other attractions.

Discounting or Tipping content providers for coverage before and after sponsored EatOffs.

What Do Businesses Spend Money On?

Restaurants, retailers and other businesses can pay for:

Splitting direct mail pieces with other local businesses involved.

Discounted wholesale product, based on chosen manufacturers buying group % discounts.

Splitting co-op ads in local blogs with manufacturers, distributors & other local businesses involved.

Tipping content providers for business coverage and reviews.

Wholesale buying group discounted shipping.

First access to closeouts to attract customers with our circular coupons.

Access to wholesale priced glut.

What Do Content Providers Spend Money On?

Content providers pay for:

Press only 25% discount (off retail priced purchases) from over 5,000 drop ship manufacturers.

Manufacturers wholesale discounts.

Discounted shipping on DirectVendors purchases.

Discounts on wholesale buying group shipping, even for personal shopping.

Wholesale priced glut.

Why Do You Have Such Cool Weird Collectibles?

Look at it as a personal garage sale to promote a virtual shopping center, by home delivery business and product testing sales.


How Does My Package Get Shipped?

Each manufacturer, distributor and other wholesaler has their own shipping preferences, mostly UPS, Fed Express and USPS.

Tastecoin does provide all manufacturers our USPS, Fed Ex and UPS account numbers to make it simple to track all packages.

Consumers can track their packages using USPS DS, Fed Ex DS and UPS DS.

If I Order Items from Two Different Manufacturers Do I Pay Shipping Fees Twice?

Yes, customers pay shipping and any drop ship fees from all companies shipping directly to them.

When you buy on Amazon or eBay from different vendors you also pay shipping charges for each vendor.

Customers can use accumulated Tastecoins to discount shipping from both manufacturers.

Besides the Shipping Fee, Why is their an Extra Fee for Drop Shipping?

Most companies that drop ship directly to the consumer charge a drop ship fee.

Different companies always have different fees so Tastecoin must convey each drop ship fee to our customers.

But by using Tastecoins buyers shipping fees can be discounted.

How Do Drop Shipping Companies Figure What Drop Ship Fee to Charge?

Many manufactures choose an amount such as $2 - $5 per order, but each company is allowed to determine their own drop ship fee.

Manufacturers can set it per piece, per order or % of order (manufacturers we deal with can set the % up to 20% but no further).

Manufacturers understand the lower the drop ship fee the better chance of selling product to our members customers.

How Does Tastecoin Safely Record my Credit Card Number and Street Address?

Credit cards and street numbers can not be entered online on any of our sites.

All sites no matter how much security can be hacked, Tastecoin takes extra steps to prevent being a hackers target.

Tastecoin refuses to put credit card information and even street addresses on any computer to avoid future problems.

Tastecoin logs all credit card data and street address information by phone, to a live person.

All financial data, credit card numbers and street address are coded and for now secured by Norman Scherer, owner of Tastecoin.

Is All Drop Shipping Confined to the United States?

All drop shipments and TestBites sampler sales will be domestic, for now.

When national customers sample TestBites and want home shipments of food, beverage & snacks, Tastecoin will abide.


Why Does Tastecoin Include Editorial Content?

Internet content relevant to each industry is essential to the players in each markets ecosystem.

Knowledge of the changing market is vitally important to any business that wants to stay on top.

Content helps identify rising products new trends, and shows the paths that other businesses are blazing.

Tastecoin links to thousands of sources of content using several themed editorial menus.

Most content points to different online magazines, blogs, forums and articles from other online sources.

Retailers can link their websites to these free theme guides to become an online information and content source. 

Tastecoin's themed editorial menus can attract new local customers and expand relationships with old customers.

Tipping content providers is one of the ways that Tastecoin helps monetize bloggers.

Why Can't I Just Use Google to Search for Content Providers I Want to Browse?

Having all the media options organized by theme makes researching markets a cinch.

Themed editorial sources are organized alphabetical making them easier to find again.


Why Do People Go to Restaurants?



for dating

spend time w family

dress up

meet friends

impress friends


see and be seen

clubhouse hangout


seeking good times and pleasure

mix to achieve status boosting

subject for future conversations

feel welcome at local gathering place

pleasant ambiance

like vibe and music

a memorable place to share an emotional experience

a hideaway for emotional nurturing

expect a certain level of service

offer a sense of normalcy

relaxed atmosphere

old favorite


can't cook

to tired to cook

bored of cooking

don't want to clean up

addicted to a certain dish

craving a certain food you enjoy

food hard to replicate at home

eating within creation dietary needs or food allergies


can't mix drinks like they do

relationship with the bartender

versatility of interaction with locals

flexibility of seating based on prey


trying different cuisines

curious to taste

eat food thats hard to replicate

figure out different recipes and ingredients used

eat food that you usually have no access to

breaking out of monotony of daily routines

new restaurant openings

conquer the fear of the unknown places that aren't chains

heard good things


hungry at moment

thirsty at moment

close to destination when traveling


open at right time of day

get out of house

change of scenery and environment

child friendly

branded name usually has consistent quality

special occasions

celebrations - birthday, anniversary




balloons, crayons, coloring place-mats, games, puzzles, happy meal prizes


get to know clients on a personal level

helps lighten up business meetings

helps w early stages of business relationship

smooths old business relationships

can seat a large party quickly

can provide special seating


special nights

happy hours

coupon discounting

gift card

won contest voucher

bought a discounted voucher

on discount plan

marketing opportunities to make customers loyal

What Criteria is Used for Tastings & Testings?

appearance, aroma, flavor, touch, feel in mouth, sound, after taste,

overall pleasure, overall appreciation


color intensity, compactness, elasticity, geometrical shape, limpidity, moist look, paleness, shade, shape, shininess, skin surface, tanning, thickness


aromatic, fishy, floral fresh, pungent, smokey, sour, spicy, sweet


acidic, bitter, bland, cool, creamy, earthy, fatty, fizzy, fresh, fruity, hot, milky, moist, nutty, pasty, pungent, salty, sharp, sourish, smokey, spicy, sweet, woody, zesty


elasticity, firmness, mealiness, oily, skin consistency, skin thickness, temperature, tenderness, texture (rough or smooth), thickness

feel in mouth

chewy, creaminess, crispiness, crumbly, denseness, elasticity, fattiness, fibrousness, firmness, fresh, graininess, juiciness, mealiness, moistness, sour, spicy, sponginess, stickiness, texture, tenderness, thickness


bubbly, crackly, crispy, crunchy, fresh, snappy, popping

after taste

persistence of mouth sensation

overall pleasure

overall appreciation

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How Can I Add Questions?

How can I ask questions that are not in this FAQ?

Email Norman at

Your question should be added to the FAQ pages after emailing you the answer as well.

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